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Repair Parts

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Blu Ray Optical Drive KEM-400 DVD Drive Refurbished Lens  DVD Drive Laser Lens For PS3 Console*Without PCB Board Sale
SKU: HS-PS3943
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PS3 KEM-410ACA DVD Drive 60 Pin  (Original Brand new Lens + With iron Case) Sale
SKU: HS-PS3932
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KEM-400AAA DVD Drive original brand new lens with  mainboard Sale
SKU: HS-PS3968
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KEM-400AAA DVD Drive original brand new lens without mainboard Sale
SKU: HS-PS3916
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Original for PS3 CECHL01 80GB KES-410A KEM-410ACA Complete BLU-RAY DVD Driver 24pin complete For Sony PS3 Rplacement Accessories (Pulled) Sale
SKU: HS-PS3971
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Hard Disk Drive HDD Mounting Bracket Caddy Case Protector Holder+ Screws For PS3 Fat Console Sale
SKU: HS-PS3970
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KES-400A motor cable Sale
SKU: HS-PS3969
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Analog Joystick thumb Stick Grip Cap for Sony PlayStation 3 Dualsense Controller Thumbsticks*1PCS Sale
SKU: HS-PS3007
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PS3 500GB HDD Hard disk 90%new Sale
SKU: HS-PS3966
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HDMI Control IC MN8647091   for PS3 Slim / PS3 Super Slim Sale
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PS3 Console 2500 HDMI Port Sale
SKU: HS-PS3964
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Power Supply Unit Cable for PS3 Sale
SKU: HS-PS3907
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PS3 410A drive power flex cable Sale
SKU: HS-PS3911
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PS3 400A drive power flex cable Sale
SKU: HS-PS3917
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(out of stocks) PS3 power supply board Sale
SKU: HS-PS3918
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PS3 fat Power on off/eject Ribbon Cable Sale
SKU: HS-PS3920
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PS3 Driver IC BD7956FS Sale
SKU: HS-PS3921
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PS3 400A Laser motor Sale
SKU: HS-PS3922
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PS3 KES 400A Disc Spindle motor Sale
SKU: HS-PS3924
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Original Pulled PS3 Cooling Fan 15 Blade Sale
SKU: HS-PS3926
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